1923 Vose & Sons 4’9″ Refurbished Piano

This 1923 Vose grand piano has been restored and refurbished. It is a smooth walnut color with brand new keys, hammers, dampers, and bass strings. Some parts have been replaced and some original parts have remained or been restored. It has been thoroughly cleaned, properly regulated and aligned. It is up to proper concert pitch and fully tuned. Many small adjustments have been made to make the action correct. Listen to Brigham play this 1923 classic, beautiful piano, and then come try it for yourself at Brigham Larson Pianos in Orem, UT.

Serial #: 90479

Price: $4,398

(3 Year BLP Warranty)

Finance Price: $80/Month

Learn more about the process Brigham’s refurbished pianos go through before entering the gallery HERE.

Call us at (801) 701-0113 to set up a time to come see this refurbished piano, or stop by anytime Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm.  Call or text Brigham directly at (801) 830-0011.