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No matter what your piano needs are, we can help. As pianists and technicians, we have worked all aspects of pianos and can efficiently diagnose and repair any issues. Simply come into our store, or click the button below to contact us to discuss how we can make your piano sound its absolute best.

Start enjoying the benefits of musical traditions in your home in just 3 easy steps:
Come in and compare pianos to get a feel for the look, touch, and tone of the one that's right for you. 
Brigham's team can help you select a piano and any accompanying decisions so that your piano best fits your needs and goals. 

Our expert piano  movers will deliver your piano so you can experience the enrichment that come from musical traditions in your home.

We want to bring the joy of music to others with our passion and knowledge of “everything piano.”

Brigham Larson, expert registered piano technician, and his team of rebuilders and tuners are true piano artisans with the expertise needed to tune, repair and refurbish pianos to sound how they were intended to sound.
Buy a piano from a piano technician.... 

Our entire team at Brigham Larson Pianos are experienced technicians and piano enthusiasts (Brigham himself has been a technician, rebuilder, and pianist for over 20 years, tuning over 20,000 pianos in that time). Additionally, we understand the intricacies of the instrument and intimately know the emotion and personal development playing the piano can spur.

So whether you want to buy a piano, move a piano, or service your piano so it performs at its very best, give us a call or come into the store — we would love to help bring beautiful music into your home.


How to Avoid Paying Too Much Money for the Wrong Piano

“Our family has had our new Hailun Grand Piano for about a week and a half now. I was a piano technician for 4 years, which made me rather picky about pianos. I’m just as happy with this piano as I would be with almost any other. The craftsmanship is impressive. The finish is practically flawless. The touch is perfect. We couldn’t be happier about the piano.” 

~Bret Gundersen, Orem, UT 

“My old, sorely out-of-tune piano needed lots of work but now it sounds wonderful. I am grateful for that alone, but Brigham also took the time to teach me about the intricate workings of my piano.”

~Jana Shepherd, Alpine, UT

Enjoy the lifelong gift of music with
Our complete piano services.


Our unique collection of new , refurbished & restored pianos awaits your visit to find the BEST piano for YOU .


Bring new life into your beloved family heirloom piano with expert piano restoration for both upright & grand pianos.


Ensure your piano sounds the best it can. We specialize in making pianos sound how they were intended to sound.


Ensure your piano stays free of damage, we move pianos throughout Utah, surrounding state

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Lois Harper

I have acquired an older baby grand piano. I am wondering if it is able to be restored I would like an estimate for tuning etc. Thanks


Can I get an estimate for what it will cost to have my piano tuned?

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