YouTube Competition Finalists

We are so proud of everyone who worked hard and submitted a recording for the Piano Marvel YouTube competition! Of the Piano Academy’s 63 submissions in the solo, ensemble, and composition categories, 11 were selected as finalists! Special congratulations to the following students:

Early Elementary:
Huck Wiley
Koa Heftel

Late Elementary:
Arthur Cummins
Brigham Larson
Ephraim Esseltine

Middle School:
Sarah Riboldi
Abby Larson

High School:
Annemarie Hilton
Caleb Heuer

Zach Wright

Annemarie and Joseph Hilton


Winners in each category will be announced next Monday, so stay tuned! You can watch the videos of all the finalists here:

2017 Finalists

You can also watch all of our Piano Academy submissions on our YouTube channel here (and students can see the judges’ feedback in the comments of their individual videos):


We also hope that each of our students knows that their worth and future as a pianist is NOT dependent on competition results. While winning is nice, it’s also important to recognize the progress we can make when we put our minds to it and really work hard! So congratulations to everyone who participated – we hope you’ll choose to do so again next year!