YouTube Competition 2018 – It’s Recording Week!

It’s almost the end of February… which means we are closing in on deadline for the Piano Marvel YouTube competition! If you missed it last year, here’s how the competition works:

Students of any age (and this year, adults too!) can learn a piece using Piano Marvel, record themselves playing it, and submit the video to the competition through YouTube. Each student that enters gets individual feedback from a judge. Several finalists are chosen from each age category, and then a few days later winners are chosen. The winners receive cash prizes, and every entry is also a chance to win an iPad! (For more detailed information, you can check out the official competition page here.)

So during lessons this week, we’re providing the opportunity to record the Piano Marvel pieces our students have been working on for the last few weeks! Even when a student is really well prepared to record, it can be hard work. Getting the best recording often means several takes and a lot of focus. We’re grateful for awesome faculty who are supporting and encouraging each student as they go.

YouTube competition recording

Last year, our students submitted about 60 videos for the YouTube competition. Of those, 11 were chosen as finalists and 1 was the winner of her division! Check out the playlist of last year’s entrants here. We can’t wait to see how our students do this time around!