Win This Piano!

So the used piano you have been playing on needs an upgrade.  Why not win a new piano!

You haven’t heard about our Song and Story Piano Give Away Yet?   This year Brigham Larson Pianos is giving away a brand new, Hailun HU1P piano and all you have to do to enter is tell us why…..

(Here are some ideas to choose from.)

Tell us why… you love to play the piano.

Tell us why… you chose the song you are playing.

Tell us why… music improves you, your family, the world.

Tell us why… you don’t let your kids quit piano lessons.

Tell us why… you’ve always wanted a brand new piano.

Tell us why… you love music.

Tell us why… you want a new piano.

Tell us why… music bonds your family together.

Tell us why… music inspires you.

Tell us why… playing the piano relaxes you.

Tell us why… the piano is the best instrument ever!

Tell us why… Hailun won Piano Line of the Year “2 Years in a Row!”

Tell us why… pianos gather families together.

Tell us why… pianos = joy.

Tell us why… you need to win the Hailun HU1P!

Or create your own unique idea to share (funny, inspiring, memorable, meaningful, sentimental, joyful, creative, etc.)

For examples of song and story videos, go to

Come visit us at either or Pleasant Grove or St. George location and we will do all the work for you!  We will video you, upload it to our youtube and facebook sites and all you have to do is come in!  Whoever get the most views at the end of the year wins the piano!  For more information, please give us a call at 801-701-0113.   We would love to help you win a new piano!

Brigham Larson Pianos Specializes in piano tuning and repair and we offer a wide variety of new and used pianos.  Our mission is to facilitate positive musical experiences for families all over Utah!

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