When Should I Put My Child in Piano Lessons?

I want to put my child in piano lessons, you think, but I’m just not sure if this is the right time! 

Knowing when to put your child in lessons can be tricky! If you feel that your child is mentally and physically ready (find the 6 questions you need to answer first here), when is the best time of year to start?

Well, while there’s no time like the present, we think summer is an ESPECIALLY good time to start piano. Some teachers (and parents) stop lessons during the summer, but we find that teaching all year round helps our students to make much better progress overall. (Look at it this way: if you take lessons for 9 months of the year and then quit completely for the 3 months of summer, you’ll actually regress and forget some of what you’ve already learned. Students who take lessons year-round make 12 months of progress, instead of just 6 or 7!)

Here are a few reasons why starting in the summer is so great:

  • Students can come to lessons well-rested instead of straight from school
  • No homework also means that there’s plenty of time to play outside AND practice the piano
  • Practicing and lessons help to fight the mid-summer case of “Mom, I’m bored!”
  • Setting personal practice goals can be way more fun when the reward is an ice-cream cone on a hot day or a trip to the swimming pool
  • At the Piano Academy, we offer makeup lessons in the summer so that if you go on vacation, it’s easy to reschedule it for another time
  • Summer can be a great time to try new musical things, like playing duets or trios

What better time could there be to start, really? If all of this isn’t enough reason to dust off those piano keys for your child, we’ve got an extra-special opportunity for your child to make two months’ worth of progress in one week! Our Piano Academy JumpStart program is a one-week day camp designed to take your child from total beginner to totally loving the piano! The camp will be held July 17-21 from 9AM-12PM and will feature experiences such as:

  • Daily private instruction on grand pianos with our talented and qualified faculty
  • Group theory, musicianship, and music history classes
  • Access to 20+ music learning programs and apps in the theory lab
  • Introduction to Piano Marvel – the software that turns practice into a game!
  • The ever popular Music Buck Store
  • A concert at the end of the week open to friends and family

Check out a few of our fun pictures from previous camps:

summer camp 9







summer camp 8

summer camp 7







summer camp 6







summer camp 4







summer camp 3







summer camp 2







summer camp 1







If you’ve been considering starting piano lessons, give us a call at 801-701-0113 ext. 3 to sign your child up for this fabulous program!