When Alydia Met Mozart: Learning From Each Other at Piano Lessons

At Piano Academy, we have our youngest piano students start in the Music for Little Mozarts method. In addition to being a great method for learning the basics of piano playing, the series uses “Mozart Mouse” and “Beethoven Bear” to help students learn concepts and pieces.

little mozarts books

Last week, a teacher shared this story about one of our 6-year old students who is working on the Music for Little Mozarts books:

“Alydia was waiting for her lesson and listening to Sarah [a 13-year-old intermediate student] play a piece by Mozart. When it was her turn, she was singing the tune – I told her who wrote it and she was so happy to play her own song with Mozart Mouse! Then when we were looking at the next week’s assignment, she thought it looked so hard – that Mozart wrote it so ‘nobody could play it for 200 years!’ (But then of course she did play it with a little help.) Such a fun day with students inspiring each other!”

What a fun way for Alydia integrate the different things she was learning! One my favorite things about Piano Academy is that because there are multiple students attending at the same time, they are able to learn from each other in so many ways. Piano recitals are great for this too – I frequently have students come to their lesson after the recital and say, “I want to play _____ from the recital next!” Practicing may be somewhat of a solitary pursuit, but piano lessons don’t have to be! Music is so much more fun when we can do it together. We’re glad Mozart is included in the party for Alydia!