What is the oldest piano in our piano shop?

We restore 100’s of antique pianos in our piano shop! We love bringing them back to life for our customers and for people looking for a “one of a kind” statement piece for their home.   Most of these pianos were made between 1890 and 1920, but we do occasionally get some much older.

The oldest piano in our shop currently is an 1847 Erard Grand.  We’ve just finished cleaning it and shimming the soundboard.  This piano will be getting a FULL rebuild and will be amazing after!

Another neat fact about this piano: There is a possibility that this very piano was played by Chopin or Franz Liszt.  The year, and the size, and the location of the piano place it right where these composers were at the time.

Before Video of 1847 Erard


Recently Shimmed Soundboard

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