Welcome to Honors Piano Lessons, Joshie!

Last week while I was teaching, Joshie came into my office, handed me this note, and walked back out:


I responded as soon as I could between students and left the note on my desk for him to take. (What I didn’t know is that Joshie had been trying to come in and talk to me about it all afternoon! Since I was teaching all afternoon, he finally decided to just write a note instead.)

Joshie has been taking piano lessons at the Academy for close to three years. He’s also been watching his brothers and sister participate in the Honors division for most of that time as well – and decided he wanted to join them! As an Honors division student, Joshie will work on multiple solo pieces at a time, have extra Piano Marvel assignments to practice at home, and prepare to participate in competitions and festivals in Utah Valley and beyond.

To get all of this in, he has an extra piano lesson with me (his solo teacher) every week, and we had a blast at our first one yesterday! We picked out some new music and started working on some theory flashcards to get ready for AIM (a comprehensive piano evaluation administered by the Utah Music Teachers’ Association). Joshie is officially the newest and youngest Honors student. We’re excited to see him take his piano playing to the next level!

We usually nominate students for the Honors Division every August, but if your child is interested in adding an extra challenge to their piano lessons, you can let us know at any time!