Welcome New Piano Teachers to Piano Academy!

We are excited to announce the recent arrival of several talented piano teachers to Piano Academy! As we continue to grow, we welcome those who are “devoted to the mission and purposes of Utah Piano Conservatory” (UPC Handbook). We have found that our new faculty are full of talent and are eager to share that talent with others. We want to give you an opportunity to get to know them a little bit! Here are some highlights from the bios of our new computer lab teachers:

karina-24-sm 1

Karina Leonard, Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance candidate

From the age of four, Karina Leonard has studied classical piano . . . . She enjoys teaching and performing and in 2013 was chosen to play in a state honors recital for the Tacoma Chapter of the Washington State Music Teachers Association. Her goal is to help each student love music and love learning to play the piano.





dsc_6705 sm

Mercedes Rogers, Bachelor of Arts in Music candidate


Mercedes Rogers is an exceptional violinist, from Gilbert, Arizona. Her career has been defined by sharing the power of music with the world through purposeful performances and personalized education. Her passion is teaching young musicians and helping them discover and express the musical capabilities that are inherent in all human beings . . . . For Mercedes, music goes beyond being simply an auditory sensation. It has been a source of meaningful connection to the people around her, as well as a therapeutic outlet.




Kristen Freeland, Bachelor of Arts in Music Education candidate


Kristen began taking piano lessons at nine years old, and has fallen in love with music since then . . . . Kristen loves to sing and has performed in several musicals, operas, and choirs throughout the years. Most recently, Kristen has been a member of the BYU Concert Choir under the direction of Rosalind Hall.