Voicing your Piano!

  • Your piano sounds different than when you purchased it.
  • You don’t like the sound even after it has been tuned.
  • Tone varies radically from note to note.
  • You cannot achieve a range of tone (mellow to bright) at different volumes.
  • The piano has lost its ability to play softly
  • Brigham Larson Pianos When you schedule an appointment with one of our expert piano technicians, there are several things that will be looked at.  For example, if the tone on your upright or grand piano is too mellow, or too weak, the hammer felt would need to be hardened. This can be done by adding a hardening solution to the felt.   If the tone is too loud or bright, your piano technician would soften the hammers by inserting needles into specific areas to make the hammers more flexible.   Your piano technician will  also make sure the hammers are smooth and even and file them down as necessary.  Call us at 801-701-0113 to schedule an appointment of schedule online! #pianovoicing#voicing Book Online. Large Button. Bright Red]]>