This Month in History: Famous Composers’ Birthdays

At Piano Academy, we celebrate a different composer every month by listening to their music and learning about their life. This month we’re focusing on Sergei Prokofiev, a super cool Russian composer who lived in the first half of the 20th century. It turns out his birthday is this month! So that got us thinking… what other famous composers were born this month?

Read on for a list of composers who were born in April, plus an example of one of their pieces if you want to start exploring their music!

April 1, 1866 – Italian composer and virtuoso pianist Ferrucio Busoni

April 1, 1873 – Sergei Rachmaninoff (he’s our composer of the month for September!)

April 23, 1891 – Sergei Prokofiev

April 16, 1893 – Spanish pianist Federico Mompou

April 29 1899 – legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington

April 11, 1916 – Alberto Ginastera, a composer born in Argentina

Happy birthday this month to these awesome composers! Let us know which one was your favorite and we’ll share more of their music!