The Results are In: Winners of the SASR Challenge!

We had tons of fun focusing on sight-reading in January, and we’re excited to announce the winners in each category! First, some overall statistics:

  • 101 students participated in the competition
  • Several faculty members used the SASR to practice sight-reading as well
  • At least one person took the SASR every single day in January (except New Year’s Day)
  • Student scores ranged from 100 (some brand-new students took the test for the first time) to 813
  • A grand total of 385 SASR tests were taken in the month of January – WOW!
  • The average improvement of students who participated was about 56 points in one month

And now…. for the winners!

JoJo sasr

Highest Scores
1st place: Abby Larson, 813
2nd place: Kael Bybee, 799
3rd place: Jessica Wood, 770

Highest number of SASR tests taken
1st place: Mark Mansfield, 27
2nd place: Abby Larson, 23
3rd place: Joseph Larson 21
Honorable Mention: Joshie Larson 20

Most days with at least one SASR score
1st place: Mark Mansfield, 22 total days
2nd place (tie): Brigham Larson Jr. and Lucy Stroud, 18 days each
3rd place: Joshie Larson, 14 days

Most improvement
1st place: Kylie Shobe by 158 points
2nd place: Isaac Squire by 155 points
3rd place: Tana Bybee by 152 points

Winners will receive their music buck prizes this week and will also be recognized at the recitals next weekend.

Don’t forget that we have the Piano Marvel YouTube competition coming up soon – students are hard at work on those pieces and we’ll be providing recording here during lessons in the next couple of weeks.