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Overcoming Obstacles in Piano Practice

Sometimes students feel, validly, that they simply cannot practice. This can be for a number of reasons. Not having time is a huge one. Others are losing books or being apart from our home piano. Overcoming obstacles like this can seem impossible! But you might have more options than you think when it comes to […]

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5 Ways to Encourage Piano Practice Over Christmas Break

Can you believe it’s halfway through December?? The holidays are FLYING by. And while we definitely believe in taking some time to relax and just celebrate, Christmas is also a great time to reinvigorate your child’s interest in piano lessons. Here are five ways you can encourage piano practice over Christmas break! 1. Enjoy lots […]

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What a “Bad” Performance Taught Me About Practicing Piano

I’ve been practicing piano and performing for a lot of years (more years than most of our students have been alive!), so I’ve had a wide range of experiences when it comes to performing—from terrible to great and everything in between. While I’d say performing has almost always been a positive experience for me, sometimes things […]

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Congratulations to our Honors Division Piano Students! Piano Competition Day at UVU!

It’s a piano Saturday in Utah Valley with multiple piano competitions happening today… I have been at our piano store & conservatory all day today enjoying the flow of talented piano families coming and going, to and from the Black Box Theater and the Small Recital Hall upstairs.  While I host the Utah Valley Festival […]

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Piano Practice… “Family that practices together stays together”. A glimpse into the Larson family morning piano practice routine…

Cute little Louis… my morning practice partner.  He doesn’t stay in my lap the whole time, but when he does, we have 8 of the 9 in our family, all on the piano practicing at once.  Well to be fair, actually all 9 of us are at a piano at the same time each day, dad is […]

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