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Bachfest: A Celebration of Bach’s 334th Birthday

The great Baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, was born on March 21st, 1685, meaning that this past Thursday was his 334th birthday. For several years now, the Brigham Young University School of Music has celebrated his birthday by participating in the “Bach in the Subways” project. This movement began in 2010, when cellist Dale Henderson […]

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After a Recital

Most students prepare a piece for several months before actually performing it at a recital, so after the recital, many students may be thinking: “Now that I’m done with my piece, what do I do?” The weeks following a recital performance can be a great opportunity for students to review goals and set new ones for the […]

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What a “Bad” Performance Taught Me About Practicing Piano

I’ve been practicing piano and performing for a lot of years (more years than most of our students have been alive!), so I’ve had a wide range of experiences when it comes to performing—from terrible to great and everything in between. While I’d say performing has almost always been a positive experience for me, sometimes things […]

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Piano Lessons Facilitate Family Musical Experiences

If you are familiar with the story of how Utah Piano Conservatory came to be, you will know that one motivating factor behind the conservatory is “Facilitating Positive Musical Experiences for Families”.  Our director and her family have chosen music lessons as the tool to help their family develop talents and important qualities. Piano families at […]

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Piano Lessons vs. Piano Recitals: What’s the Difference in Etiquette?

Piano Academy recitals are TOMORROW, and we are making sure every student is prepared! Piano teachers are encouraging students to fill out their practice-performances sheets in preparation (see our  blog post, “Pre-Performance Tips from Your Piano Teacher” https://utahpianoconservatory.com/3410-2/). As part of the practice performances, students make sure to observe certain patterns of etiquette. One of […]

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Pre-Performance Tips from Your Piano Teacher

May is here! That means our recitals are just around the corner! On May 6th, Piano Academy students and faculty will participate in our Outreach Recital at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon, Utah. Before every recital, students are invited to participate in several performance opportunities. We provide an Outreach Recital the week before our formal […]

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Hiring for Piano Academy

We are currently hiring for permanent positions in our hugely successful Piano Academy! Each student meets with four teachers and spends time in our state-of-the-art computer lab. You will be part of a larger team of other qualified piano teachers, and gain invaluable experience teaching many levels and all ages. We are proud of the […]

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