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I Can Be Sensitive By…

Here at the Utah Piano Conservatory, we are dedicated to helping our students develop both talent and testimony. Each month we focus on a different virtue from our list of Virtues for Virtuosos. Through this focus, students not only learn piano, but they also learn valuable character traits at the same time. If you haven’t heard […]

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Piano Lessons Can Help You Light the World 

#LightTheWorld is in full swing this Christmas season, and there are many ways to participate! Here are 3 ways that piano lessons can help you participate in serving others this month: Our Virtues for Virtuosos: Every month, we focus on a different virtue. These virtues are meant to help students develop both their talents and […]

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Thank Goodness for Piano Lessons!

  by McKenna Rammell, Assistant Director This month during piano lessons, our ‘ Virtue for Virtuosos is GRATITUDE. This virtue is a perfect one to focus on this month because of Thanksgiving! People naturally are thinking of what they are grateful for. My thoughts go to why I am grateful for piano lessons. A frequent […]

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Join Our Christmas Sing-Along!

  Are you ready for our annual Christmas Sing-Along? Started several years ago by the Larson family, this tradition has been a huge success! The Sing-Along will be held on Monday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m. Piano conservatory students, families, and friends are welcome to attend! Check out our Facebook Event for more information. For current […]

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Gathering Families Around the Piano

As a follow up to our earlier blog post from this week, we wanted to share this family musical experience! One way to have positive family musical experiences is to gather as a family around a piano. The Larson family shared this endearing video with us this week of their family gathering around a piano […]

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Piano Lessons Facilitate Family Musical Experiences

If you are familiar with the story of how Utah Piano Conservatory came to be, you will know that one motivating factor behind the conservatory is “Facilitating Positive Musical Experiences for Families”.  Our director and her family have chosen music lessons as the tool to help their family develop talents and important qualities. Piano families at […]

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