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Don’t Wait for Carnegie Hall: Recognizing Achievement in Young Piano Students

By McKenna Rammell, Assistant Director I believe recognizing achievement early equals SUCCESS for piano students. Celebrating milestones means students gain confidence and are more likely to succeed at other life activities they choose. Many of us think the success of piano lessons comes after years of hard work: the”Carnegie Hall” moment. For instance, when a […]

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How Piano Recitals Can Instill Confidence

At Piano Academy, we focus on a different virtue each month. Called “Virtues for Virtuoso’s”, this emphasis helps students to develop both talent and testimony. At piano lessons, our students aren’t just learning the notes, they are learning patience. They aren’t just learning the rhythms, they are learning dedication. This month’s virtue is confidence! While […]

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Hiring for Piano Academy

We are currently hiring for permanent positions in our hugely successful Piano Academy! Each student meets with four teachers and spends time in our state-of-the-art computer lab. You will be part of a larger team of other qualified piano teachers, and gain invaluable experience teaching many levels and all ages. We are proud of the […]

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What Makes Piano Academy Stand Apart?

We are very excited to introduce Carol Cherry’s Piano Academy into the Utah Piano Conservatory! Each piano student visits 4 piano teachers in a 90-minute lesson including a fabulous, supervised computer and theory lab. She has brought her teaching system to the Utah Piano Conservatory, and we feel fortunate to have a great facility to […]

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