Summer Piano Duet Program 2018

Summer Piano Duet Program 2018

**NOTE: Regular registration has now closed. If you are interested in late registration, please contact Mrs. Blanchard at 801-701-0113 ext. 3**

Outcome: Each participant will play one part of a Duet (one piano – 4 hands) and one part of a Two-Piano (2 pianos – 4 hands) piece with a partner. All participants will perform both pieces learned in the program concert August 1st.

Goals: Help participants improve their musical abilities and have fun playing with other pianists!

Camp Includes: Team Lessons, Masterclasses, and Program Concert.

Program Pricing:

$79 + materials: Early-bird registration (by May 22)

$89 + materials: After Orientation (May 22)

Late registration (after June 1) will be accepted on a case by case basis with an additional fee.


Summer Piano Duet Program Information


Time: Tuesday, May 22

Place: Concerto Hall at the Utah Piano Conservatory

Music and schedule pick-up: Available by Tuesday May 29 at 1:00 PM at the Assistant Director’s desk

Team Lessons:

Each team will have two lessons: one for the one-piano duet, and one for the two-piano piece. Team lessons take place before masterclasses begin.

Each team lesson will be 30 minutes in length, and will take place either Tuesday or Friday between 9am-12pm.

Team Lessons Week 1 (Duet): Tuesday June 12 or Friday June 15

Team Lessons Week 2 (Two-Piano): Tuesday June 26 or Friday June 29


Each team will perform in two masterclasses. The first masterclass will be duets, the second will be two-piano pieces.

Each Masterclass will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length, and 2-4 teams will be in attendance at a time. Each team will perform and receive instruction for 15 minutes of the allotted time. Masterclasses will take place either Tuesday or Friday between 9am-12pm.

Masterclass 1 (Duet): Tuesday July 10 or Friday July 13

Masterclass 2 (Two-Piano): Tuesday July 24 or Friday July 27

Dress Rehearsal/Final Rehearsal:

The final rehearsal for all teams will be Tuesday, July 31 between 9am-12pm.

Students may wear performance attire if desired.

End of Program Concert:

Each team will perform their duet piece, as well as their two-piano piece in a recital setting.

Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00pm in the Concerto Hall at the Utah Piano Conservatory.

Performance attire required.


**In the case of scheduling conflicts for lessons or masterclasses, please talk to Mrs. Blanchard or Ms. Bastian and we will find a time that works for both you and your teacher!**


Misc. Information:

Teams: Participants may pick their own partners in the case of siblings, or friends. We recommend that students partner with a student at a comparable level for a more enjoyable experience. We will pair participants who sign up alone.

Program Attendance: As all participants will be on a “team” it is extremely important that each participant is available to attend all classes, or find an alternate time that works for both participants.

Practice: It is extremely important in a Duo team to come to all classes completely prepared with materials, and music learned. Participants should have their music completely learned and should be able to play their pieces at the same tempo as their partner, so the collaboration can be a smooth as possible.

Additional Team Practice: If teams feel they need more time practicing together, whether on one piano (duet) or two pianos, rehearsal time can be set up at the Utah Piano Conservatory, though no instruction will be given.

Concert/Recital Dress Code: There is no required dress code for attending the camp. We do require modesty and dress as outlined by the standards set forth in the LDS guide “For the Strength of Youth.” However, for the concert, the required dress code is “Performance Attire.”

Memorization: Students will not be required to memorize either of their pieces for the camp concert.

Parent/Private Teacher Observation: Parents and private teachers are encouraged to attend team lessons and masterclasses for free observation.

1-Year Minimum Experience: This program is for students of all ages, but is not for students with less than a year of experience with piano lessons. Again, students will be required to learn their parts of the pieces they will play on their own, or with their private teacher, and be ready for collaboration by their first team lesson.


Check out last year’s summer piano duet concert videos!