Summer Camps Kickoff – Honors and Piano Academy Experience

Last week was our first official week of piano camps! We had two different camps start.

Our most-requested camp is our Piano Academy Experience camp. This camp is for beginners ages 6 and up and was a BLAST! We had camp every day from 9-12 and had private lessons, group classes, learned about composers, and played games in the computer lab.

IMG_0866[1] IMG_0870[1]

We also had special classes like the Rhythm Romp where we played all kinds of rhythm games, and had a music theory competition where we competed for music bucks!


But the best part of the week was when had our monster concert in the piano gallery. We picked names and pieces out of plastic cups to keep everyone on their toes, and all the families loved hearing the kids play!

IMG_0900[1] IMG_0902[1] IMG_0912[1]

The fun doesn’t stop after camp, though – 100% of the students who attended the Piano Academy Experience camp decided to continue lessons! They started Piano Academy lessons this week almost a full month ahead of a normal beginner at their first lesson.

The other camp we started was our 8-week long Honors Piano Academy Camp! Dr. Ralph Van der Beek is teaching some of our advanced students, who are working on repertoire, ear training, theory, piano literature, and more! We are SO excited to have Dr. Van der Beek here – he’s such an inspiring teacher.


If you’re interested in joining our Honors camp or attending the next session of our Piano Academy Experience camp, just call 801-317-3825 or email [email protected] to get started!!