May Student of the Month-Brigham!

The Student of the Month for May is Brigham Larson Jr.! We like to choose our students of the month based on our Virtues for Virtuoso’s. The theme for this month is CONFIDENCE. Whenever Brigham gets up to perform, he is always ready and love to share his music with the audience. This especially shows whenever we have competitions and he performs so well and gets high scores! It also shows his preparation for such events.

Brigham’s mother said this about him: “Brigham LOVES to play the piano!  He stops to play just about every piano that he passes.  He has loved to play since he was little and is always encouraging his siblings.  He put a ticking metronome into the swing of his newborn baby brother telling him, “You’d better get used to this and learn to love it”, and then walked away smiling, leaving the metronome ticking in the swing.  He also loves to have his siblings sit on the bench with him and listen while he plays. Recently, he’s been enjoying jammin’ to some new jazz piano skills with his dad on the piano. Brigham is a very obedient student when it comes to practicing and his efforts have paid off.  As an honors division student at the Piano Academy, he won an award at his last competition.  He was well prepared and confident as he played.”


Congratulations to Brigham! Let’s all try to have a little more CONFIDENCE this month in our playing!