Stick to Piano Lessons ‘Till They Stick to You

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I wish I hadn’t quit piano lessons when I was younger”? Have you said that phrase yourself? Playing the piano is a hobby that takes time and discipline to succeed at. At Piano Academy, we are doing our best to help students stick to piano lessons for life. One of the ways we do this is through our mission, which is “Tuning Hearts Through Music”, and our two pillars of instruction, “Developing Both Talent and Testimony”. Our mission and pillars of instruction helps to give students the big picture. It shows them how piano lessons benefit their lives.

Another way we help students stick to piano lessons is through our varied programs. We offer a unique rotation system, unlike the traditional piano lesson environment. During 90 minutes of lessons, kids and adults are rotating through four different rooms of instruction. These rooms are called Pass-Off, Hymn/Technique, Solo, and Computer/Theory Lab. For more information on what goes on in each room, check out this link:

This game featured below is part of the Computer/Theory Lab. It is affectionately called, “Velcro Balls”. Janika and Dana played this game together during their time in the lab. Each had a handful of velcro balls. To learn the musical symbols, each were given a turn to throw a velcro ball at the felt poster. Whatever symbol the velcro ball landed on, that student had to name it, and explain what the symbol means. This engaging game is a favorite among Piano Academy students!

IMG_3151 IMG_3155

Engaging activities are another way to help students stick to piano lessons. Our amazing Computer/Theory Lab has 13 iPad programs, 5 computer programs, and at least 13 different hands-on activities for students. Whether they have an interest in music history, composition, note-reading, or ear-training, our students can explore their interests while learning important musical skills.

If you ever have said the phrase, “I wish I hadn’t quit piano lessons when I was younger”, or you want to help your children stick to piano lessons, come see Piano Academy today! 385-219-0774.