September Student of the Month: Phoebe L!

The “Virtue for Virtuosos” that we are highlighting in September is WORK. Like anything else worthwhile, learning to play the piano takes a lot of hard work! We are delighted to recognize Phoebe L as our Student of the Month for September because she is a stellar example of this virtue. Here’s what Pheobe’s mom shared with us about her:

“Phoebe has a kind heart and loves to fix things. She has learned the fun that comes from working hard on a difficult piece, one that she thought was “too hard” when she first started it. She is learning to tackle hard things and knows she can do it. She loves to read, play soccer, bake and draw. Her favorite thing to do is rearrange her room…all by herself, moving around heavy furniture!:) She is a joy to have around and likes to laugh and play games and be with family and friends. She is a fabulous babysitter and we like to call her the “baby whisperer.” ”

We think you’re great, Phoebe – keep it up!