Restoring Grandpa's Childhood Piano, Part 2

Phase two of restoration is now complete on this 1913 Hallet Davis upright piano. Phase two includes cleaning, action work, and new keys. (If you haven’t seen Part 1, find it HERE.)

The keybed has been freshly cleaned and new keys have been put in. The original ivories have been saved for the family. The strings have been scrubbed and scoured to remove any rust and corrosion. The metal pieces have been hand polished to look new.

The action has been thoroughly soda blasted and cleaned. The hammer butts have been taken off and re-pinned. The hammers have been cut off and holes have been bored to accept the new hammers that will be put in. New bridal straps have been installed and the dampers have been removed in preparation for new ones.

This piano is well on its way to being a fully restored, practically brand new instrument!

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