Restored 1900 Merrifield Co Upright Piano!

This beautiful piano is fresh out of of the shop.  It’s a 1900 LB Merrifield Co Upright Piano. This piano is 58″ and is completely restored in every way!  To begin with, we clean the piano inside and out, put on new hammers, hammer butts, dampers, hammer shanks, and bridle straps. In addition, there are new felt and leather are throughout.

Everything on this piano is completed to make is sound as good as it did when it was new in 1900. You are getting the beautiful look of a antique piano with the inside of a new piano! Pianos from this time period have a wonderful rich bass sound that you can still hear when playing the piano.  Not only have we worked on the inside of this piano but the piano is completely refinished on the outside as well.  We offer free delivery to Utah County.

Watch a video on our 1900 Merrifield Co Upright Piano

Before Refinishing!

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