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Piano Restoration

If you are considering an upright piano or grand piano restoration because you have inherited a cherished (but perhaps rundown) family heirloom piano or maybe you’ve found a great deal on an antique piano you cannot pass up, Brigham Larson Pianos in Orem, Utah is your expert team for rebuilding or partially refurbishing your piano.

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Piano restoration is a delicate process that requires the expertise of a technically trained piano professional to ensure the piano is restored to its best possible condition. We take it to the next level with an entire team of well-trained piano technicians, specializing in antique, vintage and family heirloom piano restorations!

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Nationwide PICK UP & DELIVERy 

Pianos Are About FAMILY!
We often bring our children for national pick up & deliveries.

YouTube has made the world such a small place! Many of our biggest fans and most excited restoration customers have found us through our YouTube channel and live all across the nation.  So, no problem... we simply coordinate several pick ups and deliveries into general road trip areas, pack up the kids and head out for some memory making while picking up and dropping off the legacy pianos that make the best kind of memories!

Yes! We travel ANY distance to restore YOUR family heirloom piano!


Basic: Overhaul



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Refurb +



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Basic: 6 Weeks



  • Small Class Setting
  • Part Time

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Intensive: 12 Weeks



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Ultra: 24 Weeks



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Reserve Your SPot now 

$1,000 Down Gets You Into the Restoration Queue ... 

We have a significant wait list for piano restoration  at Brigham Larson Pianos. So if you KNOW that you want to move ahead with restoring your family heirloom antique piano, simply contact us now to make your initial $1,000 deposit and that will get the process in motion to secure your placement within the restoration queue. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the projections for project time completion, the pick up and delivery details or restoration selection options, or this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund of your $1,000 deposit anytime within 30 days after your placement within the queue. Please get in touch with our friendly support team if you have any issues. 




Transport Plan & Custom Selections!

We'll arrange all of the details to have your piano picked up from your home and safely transported to our piano shop. Meanwhile, take your time, discussing and thinking over the custom selections to make your piano restoration just exactly how you want it to be for many more generations of music memory making!


Refinish Level

Color & Sheen



  • Refurbish
  • Hybrid
  • Rebuild
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Black/White
  • Wood Finish
  • Color
  • Digital Player
  • Silent Play
  • Midi Strip
  • New
  • Refinished
  • Stool

  • Restoration Level

  • Refinishing Choices

  • Plating Options

  • Technology

  • Bench

3 Levels of Restoration Customization

Restoration Options:

  1. Rebuild
  2. Hybrid Refurbish-Rebuild
  3. Refurbish
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Recently REFURBISHED Pianos

1923 Vose & Sons 4’9″ Refurbished Piano
1973 Everett Refurbished Console Piano
1988 Refurbished Baldwin Piano

Piano restoration update

The Art-case Steinway is Almost Ready!

Our Team of

Piano Experts
Rebuilders - Refinishers - Tuners - Technicians - Movers

Our expert piano rebuilders specialize in precision restoration of all piano brands with advanced knowledge of Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, Kawai, and more. We are especially talented with rare and unique restorations, such as 1800's European pianos and rare piano designs and piano actions that require custom parts manufacturing. 

Our team of expert piano rebuilders & refinishers are available via text, email or video chat to provide FREE piano evaluation and a spectrum of potential restoration options for YOUR family heirloom piano!
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Recently REBUILT Pianos

Brig's Pick of the Week! 1892 Mason & Hamlin Completely Rebuilt Piano!
Brig's Pick of the Week! 1905 Kingsbury Complete Rebuild!
Beautiful Rebuilt Antique 1895 Weber Piano!


For Celebrities, Concert Halls & Concert Pianists


Donny Osmond

Known for world-class restoration, custom rebuilding and refinishing for decades, our expert team of piano technicians and rebuilders have had the rare privilege of serving many concert pianists, universities and colleges, concert hall stages, award winning musicians, famous celebrities and acclaimed performers. We are the go to call for all piano customization that is too tough for most piano shops!

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Recently REFINISHED Pianos

3 of our favorite refinishing projects!
We Refinish Pianos!
Piano Refinishing

our specialty

Family Heirloom Pianos
Restore the Legacy of Music for Generations

Brigham Larson Pianos specializes in customized, quality service and expert restoration of family heirloom pianos for families who desire to preserve a generational legacy of music. By restoring a beloved piano, you are able to pass along to future generations the joy of decades and decades of meaningful memory making, gathered around grandma's piano... that now plays like new!!

Yes! We travel ANY distance to restore YOUR family heirloom piano!

Some of our favorite


Piano Restoration Videos! 

  • 4th Generation Stewart Family

  • Player Restoration

  • English Heirloom

  • 100+ Year Old 

Unveiling a Family Heirloom Piano Restoration 

There were tears and this special moment is still talked about around the piano shop, years later! Watch what happens, when the 4th generation piano owner places her hand on top of the iron burn mark made by her grandmother, (preserved despite refinishing) after the newly restored piano is unveiled for the first time! 

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Recent PLAYER Restorations & NEW PLAYERS

Turn any piano into a digital!
The piano that plays itself – QRS Player Technology
QRS Player System now compatible with Amazon's Echo Dot
Bring Your Family Heirloom Piano Back to Life

If you have a family heirloom piano you’re interested in restoring, or if you’d like to purchase a vintage or antique piano, please contact us to set up an appointment for one of our registered piano technicians to evaluate your piano and provide you with recommendations and estimates for the work necessary.


FLood & fire restorations


Your Insurance May Cover the Cost of Restoration

We restore pianos with FLOOD and SMOKE damage!

What Brand is YOUR piano?

We Restore ALL Piano Brands

We invite you to stop by our showroom in Orem, Utah anytime Monday - Saturday (10 am - 6 pm) and we’ll be happy to give you a tour of our piano shop and discuss your piano needs. We’re a family-owned-and-run business and would love for you to bring the whole family with you!

Or SCROLL DOWN to reach us by calling, emailing, or using the form below. 

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Click onto any of the pianos below to see before videos and before photos of the piano restoration projects currently underway in the piano restoration shop and piano refinishing shop at Brigham Larson Pianos.

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At Brigham Larson Pianos, we are about much more than just selling pianos. As your piano dealer in Orem, Utah, serving  families nationwide, we want to encourage an interest in music and facilitate learning and gathering around pianos to help you accomplish your musical goals.