Recital Pics!

We just wanted to share these great group pictures from our last recitals! Here at the Piano Academy, we have two types of recitals: Community Outreach recitals and then the formal recitals at the Conservatory. Community Outreach recitals are usually held at an assisted living facility, nursing home, or a public place like the Orem Library, where we had our last one. These performances are open to students at any level of preparation – students can use music, play just part of a piece they are working on, or even play a piece they learned previously if they don’t have a solo memorized and polished. We love these events because they are focused on service! As part of our mission of “developing talent and testimony,” we encourage our students to share their talents with others, and Community Outreach recitals are one of the opportunities we have to do that. Sometimes even our piano teachers play! Here are a few pictures from our February performance:


CO 3

CO 2

CO 6

CO 5

CO 4


Our Piano Academy students also have the opportunity to perform at formal recitals 4 times every year. To perform in these recitals, students must memorize and polish a solo piece, including 10 practice performances.  Our most recent group had to be split up into 4 separate sessions because there were so many students prepared!  Check out the group pictures from our February 11 recitals:

10 AM recital 1130 AM recital 2 PM recital 330 PM recital

We are SO proud of all of our students who worked so hard to be prepared for these recitals. Keep up the hard work!

Have recital pics of your own? Send them to us at [email protected] and we’ll post them on our Facebook page!


For more information about piano lessons at Utah Piano Conservatory, contact us at [email protected] or 801-701-0113 to set up a free tour and evaluation. We’d love to see your kids play at our next recital!