Rebuild Your Heirloom Piano!

Brigham Larson Pianos specializes in rebuilding heirloom pianos. We are often asked to restore a piano for two main reasons: because it has been passed down through a family for generations or because a person desires the unique aesthetic of an older piano that is difficult to find in modern pianos.

We take three paths when rebuilding a piano: rebuild, refurbish, and a la carte. A rebuild is essentially a wholesale replacement of all major components. It also comes with a thorough cleaning so it looks brand new. The next path is a refurbish. For a refurbish, some parts are replaced or rebuilt, but not all parts as with a rebuild. However it still includes a thorough cleaning and is an excellent option that will restore a piano to great working condition. The third path is a la carte, for which not all pianos may qualify. This path is budget driven, where the piano owner with Brigham can pick and choose the components of the piano to be worked on.

If you would like to see this restoration work in action, stop by our piano shop anytime. We love to give tours! If you are interested in this type of work for your own piano, call us today at 801-701-0113. Brigham oversees all rebuilds personally and will ensure your piano gets the best care possible.