SOLD:1990 Used Kawai Grand Piano KG-3E 6’1″




1990 Used Kawai Grand Piano KG-3E 6’1″

$11,118 (Finance $189/mo. Rent $249/mo.)

Serial # 1988193

Includes bench and delivery

1 Year BLP Warranty

This Kawai is, according to Brigham, probably one of the best used pianos we currently have in the store. It’s a nice consumer grade piano at the perfect size for a living room. (6 feet is the average Brigham sees for piano buyers who “want to do it right.”) Kawai is everywhere in Utah, and Brigham has worked on this brand extensively. This piano is immaculately clean – Brigham gives it an A+ in cleanliness. The outside of the piano is in great condition too. The cosmetics deserve an A, as does the action – including hammers, strings, pinblock, and soundboard. This piano is not very far at all from a new piano, and has been completely refurbished. Brigham has also been very careful to regulate this piano perfectly. Regulation is essential for proper touch. It includes adjusting several different parts within the action (and as you can see in the video, there are lots of adjustable parts!). There’s a fairly broad range of what will function on a piano, but a fairly narrow range of what will function the right way. Regulation makes sure everything is functioning the right way. Even a “little” musician starts to notice when the regulation is off, so it’s really vital for it to be regulated correctly. This piano also has great tone. If you were to look at tone as a continuum with very dark tone being a 1 and very bright being a 10, this piano is about a 6 – so just barely on the bright side. It has a full, rich bass and fantastic sustain. The tuning also holds very well; it’s almost perfect, even a couple of months after being tuned. This is an amazing used Kawai grand piano for a great price!

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