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SOLD:1917 Story & Clark Used Upright Piano For Sale




1917 Story & Clark Used Upright Piano For Sale

$2,998 (Finance $49/mo. Rent $69/mo.)

Serial # 64820

1 Year BLP Warranty

This piano is a 1917 Story and Clark, refurbished upright piano.  That puts it in the World War 1 historical era.  I have been through it very thoroughly and guarantee my work.  With over 20 years of experience in piano tuning and repair, I’m very confident in my certified – pre-owned checklist that I have created and use for guiding the refurbishing process.  This piano has had the works done to it.

It all starts with cleaning.  Before we get going on the checklist, we take everything out of the piano and give it a very thorough cleaning.  Then  everything is aligned, tightened, regulated, the casters fixed, no issues remaining that could possibly be fixed.  This piano has been evaluated, cleaned, had hammers reshaped, all parts aligned and lubricated, and voiced.  It also has brand new key tops.  It was not fully refinished but I would call it a thorough treatment of the cabinetry.  The hammers have been reshaped, the damper lift is consistent and smooth, the perfect amount of after check has been assured and the damper let off is consistent all the way up.  It is in the best possible condition that this piano could be.  The pedals have also been buffed to a shine.

I am very confident in the work that we’ve done to this piano and am certain and confident in the solidness of this used upright piano for sale and its current condition.  It sounds and plays like a nearly new piano.

We look forward to an in-store consultation! Call or text Brigham at (801) 830-0011 with your questions or to set up a time to come see this amazing piano.  Or, you can always stop by anytime Monday through Saturday from 10am-8pm.