SOLD! Grand Piano – 1914 Emerson



Used Grand Piano – 1914 Emerson


Finance $100/mo.

Serial #: 105711

Includes 1 Year BLP warranty.

Watch Brigham explain how he and his team refurbish old grand pianos like this one:

Old Emerson pianos are a brand that Brigham loves to work on, and this is no exception. This piano is in great condition. Most pianos from this era are extremely dirty, but this one has been taken care of. Much of the hardware is still the original hardware, just buffed and polished. Brigham reshaped the hammers and realigned all the action parts to make sure this piano is ready to be played!

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We look forward to an in-store consultation! Come in to see this wonderful used grand piano anytime between 10 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Saturday. Or contact Brigham directly at 801-830-0011.