SOLD! 1993 Yamaha P-22 45″ Upright Piano



1993 Yamaha P-22 45″ Upright Piano

Price: $3,498 (Finance $58/mo. Rent $88/mo.)

Serial #: 196367

3 Year BLP Warranty

This Yamaha P-22 just came out of the shop, and it is in perfect condition! It was made in 1993, and in piano years, that is essentially new. Piano warranties can last 10-15 years alone, and the piano will last long after that too. (Brigham’s personal warranty on his pianos is 3 years) Yamahas are super consistent and last forever. This piano has been well maintained throughout its entire life, and didn’t need a lot of work from us. However, we still ran it through the full spectrum of our refurbishing checklist. It has been cleaned, trapwork has been redone, pedals and hardware have been shined, felts and leathers have been replaced, the keys have been buffed, the cabinetry refinished, the hammers reshaped and aligned, the action lubricated, keys leveled, blow distance has been set, and the let off is correct. And, as an added note, this piano was manufactured in the USA.

Learn more about the process Brigham’s refurbished pianos go through before entering the gallery HERE.

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Yamaha P-22 Upright Piano