SOLD! 1984 Yamaha U3 #3923762


  • Finish: Ebony Polish
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Warranty: 3 Year BLP Warranty
  • Finance: $123/month
  • Serial #: 3923762

Free Delivery to Utah & Salt Lake Counties



 1984 Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

Refurbished Yamaha upright with a classic ebony polish

1984 Yamaha U3 52in #3923762

Brigham Larson Pianos Guarantee:

    • 3 Year Warranty on this piano
    • Free delivery to Utah & Salt Lake Counties.
    • Financing options are available for all pianos. Buying a piano can be a major investment, and we want to help make your purchase as easy as possible.
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  • Brigham Larson, Registered Piano Technician, tuning since 1995

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    Refurbishing Process

    Piano body (soundboard, bridges, strings, pinblock)
    Piano blown out and thoroughly cleaned
    All keys removed for complete vacuuming
    Interior wood oiled and cleaned
    Plate and soundboard cleaned and oiled
    Strings scoured to remove corrosion
    Accessible plate bolts and screws tightened & polished
    All tuning pins checked for proper torque
    Casters tightened and repaired, or replaced
    Keys and keybed
    Back rail cloth replaced with new cloth
    Balance rail cloth and paper/cardboard punchings replaced
    Front rail cloth and paper/cardboard punchings replaced
    White keys replaced
    Sharps replaced
    Front and balance rail pins cleaned and polished
    Front rail and balance rails rebushed
    Action Preparation
    Action soda blasted
    All hammer butts repinned
    All bridle straps replaced
    Hammers replaced
    Dampers replaced
    Hammer shanks replaced
    Loose glue joints repaired
    Loose pinning repaired
    All wooden action parts repaired or replaced as necessary:
    Flanges, catchers, backchecks, jacks,
    damper levers, damper heads, let-off buttons, stickers
    All cloth, leather, felt action parts replaced or refurbished as necessary, including:
    Hammer butt buckskin, bridle straps, jack cushions, catcher leather, damper lever, sticker/whippen cushion, hammer rest rail, backcheck felt, damper felt, let-off cloth
    Action springs replaced or repaired including:
    Jack springs, damper springs, and hammer butt springs
    Components glued and secured including:
    Jack flanges, hammer/shank, shank/hammer butt, catcher/hammer
    Thorough tightening of action including:
    Hammer flanges, whippen flanges, sticker flanges, hammer plates, action frame screws
    Alignment of hammers, jack springs, stickers or whippens, backchecks and let-off buttons Hammers alignment
    Lubrication of damper levers, spoons, springs, stickers, whippen cushions, and hammer butts
    Rest rail cloth replaced
    Hammer rest rail buffed and polished
    Trapwork (Pedals)
    Pedals buffed to a high polish or replated
    Wooden trapwork components sanded and repaired
    Pedal brackets replaced or refurbished
    Pedal holes’ felt replaced
    Metal pedal components buffed and cleaned
    Pedal connection felts and leather replaced
    Felt replaced on pedal connection rods
    Pedals regulated
    All joints and leather lubricated with Teflon powder
    Pedal springs replaced or refurbished
    Pedal pins replaced if necessary
    Pedal bracket screws tightened
    Squeaks lubricated and eliminated
    Action Regulation
    Keys, squared, spaced, and leveled
    Set key dip on white and black keys
    Blow distance regulation for optimal aftertouch
    Lost motion (capstans) regulation
    Let off regulation
    Backchecks aligned (left/right and forward/aft)
    Bridle wires aligned
    Damper lift regulation
    Damper Spoon regulation
    Broken or cracked cabinetry repaired
    All metal hardware including hinges, fallboard lock and screws, plate screws, action bracket bolts, and front panel knobs repaired, cleaned, buffed, replated, and/or replaced as necessary
    Furniture legs, fallboard-activated swinging front panel, and music desk tightened and repaired as necessary
    Fallboard knobs replacement as necessary
    Cabinetry nicks and gouges filled
    Cabinetry refinished
    Final Prep and Tuning
    Bass strings with loss of tone treated
    Pitch raise
    Tuning to A-440

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