Preschool Piano Lessons Play

Louis started Preschool Piano Academy this week! As his mother says, “His life now revolves around piano lessons!” Like other Piano Academy students, Louis rotates through the lesson rooms. He has a solo teacher, a pass-off teacher, and a technique teacher. He also spends time in the theory lab. Preschool students use the “Piano Safari” and “Music for Little Mozarts” method books. So, Louis brings the stuffed Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse with him to his lessons. Preschool students also bring a parent with them for at least the first few months. This way the parent is able to help their child, know what their child needs to practice so they can practice with them, and help their child adjust to piano lessons!

There is something else Louis brings to lessons: skittles! In the picture below, Mrs. Bastian, his piano teacher, sets out five skittles.





IMG_8653This really helps motivate Louis to learn his new song, “Charlie Chipmunk”. Mrs. Bastian asks Louis to play his song at the piano with his second finger, and the reward is a skittle. The next assignment gets Louis another skittle! If he does all of what his teachers ask, he gets all five skittles. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t get the skittles. The great thing is that Louis gets to choose. He can have the skittles, or not. The skittles help him to see that if he pushes through, he receives a good reward. Louis did a great job at piano lessons this week!