Preschool Piano Academy

Here at the Piano Academy, piano lessons are offered to people of all ages! However, today we’re going to focus on the lessons we offer for children ages 4–6. Our Preschool Piano Academy lessons focus on helping children ages 4–6 succeed in beginning to learn how to play the piano. Just like any other student, preschool students have a 90 minute lesson and rotate between a solo teacher, pass-off teacher, and technique teacher. They also spend time in the theory lab. Now let’s take a look at the materials designed for this age group:


1. Through the Music for Little Mozarts lesson book, preschool students are introduced to basic piano concepts through Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse. Each page teaches a new concept through the story of the two characters which appeals to each student’s imagination.




2. In the Music for Little Mozarts Workbook, students get to work on music theory in a fun and creative way. Yesterday Rylan worked on identifying fourths in his workbook through coloring! Coloring can make learning so much better! He was also able to identify the names of the notes and color them the correct color.




3. Preschool students also get to use the Piano Safari books! We love the Piano Safari books because they help students learn by both ear/example and by reading at the same time, they include improvisation exercises to help students become well-rounded musicians, and the “animal technique” pieces teach concepts that can be turned into complex pieces. In addition, each piece has an animal and a story to keep students engaged!