Pioneer Day Extravaganza 2019


We had a ton of fun at the Provo Pioneer Day Extravaganza this week! Despite the heat, we really enjoyed meeting so many great people from Utah Valley and hearing so many of our new friends play on the piano that Brigham Larson Pianos let us bring with us.

For our out-of-state friends, Pioneer Day is a Utah state holiday that happens every July 24th. Across the state, people celebrate in memory of the day that the Mormon pioneers made it through Emigration Canyon to settle Utah in 1847. Many of them fought against incredible odds to get here! Besides giving us an excuse to have a parade and eat some barbecue, Pioneer Day is a chance to remember those who have gone before us to make our lives easier. (Read more about it here.)

Besides the piano, we brought some musical games, prizes, and a raffle, but the piano was definitely everyone’s favorite! Here are some of our favorite pictures.

The piano was a big hit! We got to listen to classical, pop, new age, musical theater, and more all day.

Miss Provo even came to see us! (A “real-life princess,” as one little girl called her.)

We also had a couple of our Piano Academy students come and perform. Once a quarter, we have our students perform at a “Community Outreach Recital.” These are fun, relaxed performances that give students a chance to share their music in a low-pressure environment. (Learn more about why we do these here.) We thought Pioneer Day would be the perfect place to have our July Community Outreach recital.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us! We had a ton of fun despite the heat. Let us know what you’d like to see at our booth next year!