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Piano Rental: New & Used Pianos! 

Fill the hearts of friends and family with the joy of music as you gather around to play the piano and share in the joy of music. If you or a family member is just learning to play or if you need a piano for a special event, renting a piano is a convenient way to begin creating musical memories.


Grand & Upright Piano Rentals   

Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin Acrosonic, Young Chang, and Hallet Davis are just a few of the piano brands available for rent. 

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Current Pianos To Rent

Select one on-line now, then just call, text, message or email us to arrange for the piano delivery with our expert piano movers!

Why Rent a Piano?

Piano renting is the ideal option as a pianist develops their skills and may require a different piano as they advance. This is a wonderful option if you have a child who is interested in starting piano lessons, but you, or they, are just not sure they will stick with it. 

Further, piano rentals can be an integral part of the final decision-making process when it comes to what kind of piano you would like to purchase. One of the many wonderful things about Brigham Larson’s piano renting service in Orem, Utah County is if you decide to buy after renting for 6 months, then those monthly rental payments may be applied to your piano purchase.

The Provo-Orem area is home to some great colleges and universities, and we have piano rentals for college students that can fit just about any space they have.

When will the piano be delivered?

Will I receive a bill each month?

Can I rent a grand piano?

Can we pick up the piano ourselves?

Will my rental piano be tuned?

Is there a "RENT TO OWN" option?

Special Event Piano Rentals in Orem, Utah

We have special event piano rentals available in Orem, Utah that allow you to enjoy beautiful piano music to enhance the mood  at your 

  • wedding
  • birthday party
  • family reunion fundraiser
  • work event
  • holiday party music video
  • Click here to see some of our piano rental services 

If you are ready to enhance your event, home or life with a piano rental, contact us today!

Our piano technicians are available to help you choose the perfect piano for your event,  to start piano lessons or re-start your love of playing the piano. 

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And if you have other piano needs, please consider our other piano services, such as our piano consignment program to help you sell your piano, as well as piano tuning, piano rebuilding, piano restoration, piano refinishing, piano moving, piano technology and piano repair. 


I am only in need of a day rental. Is that possible? If so, for how much?

    Karmel Larson

    Yes we rent for events! Just give us a call at 801-701-0113.

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