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Experience the joy of music at home with the purchase of a new or used piano. Our two-story showroom is full of hundreds of upright and grand pianos maintained, prepped and kept in mint condition by our team of piano rebuilders, tuners & technicians.

May We Make A Recommendation? 

With so many options available, buying a piano can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. We have hundreds of pianos in a variety of sizes, styles, and brands to fit any budget, space or pianist, beginner to advanced.  Watch the video below to learn Brigham's recommendations in selecting a new versus used piano.


A spinet is a good piano at an economical price, making it great for those who are just starting to learn how to play. This smaller piano is also wonderful if you are limited on space.


Larger than a spinet, but smaller than an upright, a console piano has a fuller tone than a spinet and is marvelous for both the beginner and experienced player alike.


The tallest of the vertical pianos, the larger soundboard gives an upright piano a richer sound. Uprights of the highest quality can rival the sound of some baby grand pianos.


Playing a grand piano and hearing its sound is a life-changing experience for any pianist and the addition of one to your home will provide decades of enjoyment and enrichment.

Is a new or pre-owned piano right for you? We can help you decide. If you do opt for a pre-owned piano, you can be confident that every used piano for sale has gone through a rigorous review and had the necessary repairs and refurbishing done to ensure that you get a superb piano for your home.


How to Avoid Paying Too Much Money for the Wrong Piano

Additional Piano Services

Our team of piano experts offer a variety of services to keep your piano at its best for generations!
  • Cleaning
  • Tuning
  • Moving
  • Repair
  • Refinishing
  • Piano Refurbishing
  • Restoration
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