Solo Piano Recital

Jessica, a piano student in our Piano Academy Honors Division, performed in her second solo piano recital last month! She prepared 10 pieces to play for friends and family on November 4th, 2017. We wanted to share with you her amazing accomplishment!

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A few of the pieces she played include:

Elite Syncopations by Scott Joplin

Waltz in A minor by Edvard Grieg

Flight of the Bumblee Rock by Aaron Garner (of Piano Marvel)

Check out a snippet of her playing!

All students of Piano Academy are invited to perform a solo recital once they have learned, memorized, and polished 1o piano pieces. Jessica is one of several Piano Academy students who have performed their solo piano recitals. Brigham will be the next student presenting a solo recital! When students are enrolled in Piano Academy, they receive a “My Repertoire List” to keep track of the songs they learn. Students are encouraged to practice these memorized pieces until they have all ten memorized and are preparing for their solo recital. Upon completion of a solo recital, the student’s name is featured on our “Solo Recital” plaque displayed for all of the conservatory to see!

Student and Teacher1

As an Honors student, Jessica has put a lot of time into piano lessons. She is definitely a dedicated student! Honors students meet with their piano teacher for a regular Piano Academy 90 – Minute lesson, as well as a 30 – minute Honors lesson. The Piano Academy directors choose and nominate students to participate in the Honors Division every August. These nominations are based on the progress, dedication, and hard work of individual students.  Students generally must attend the Conservatory for 6 months (beginners) or play in one recital (transfer students) to be nominated. If you are the parent of a Piano Academy student and feel that your child would benefit from the Honors Division, you may also contact your child’s solo teacher to request that your child be nominated.