We can add Digital Technology
to any piano!

Upright or grand, new or used, for entertainment, fun or learning... we can install (or upgrade)

a digital player system onto ANY piano!  Turn any acoustic piano into a digital jukebox!

NEW GRAND? - Add A Player!

Video warning... if you watch this video, you may REALLY want this player system added to your piano & it may consume your thoughts for days or months or until you take action and have one installed! This is the EXACT SETUP we use at the LARSON RESIDENCE to give our children the best possible tools for learning piano with all of the latest midi-tech & apps!

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NEW UPRIGHT? - Add A Player!

This video will excite you if you love all things NEW - like pianos AND the latest technology add ons!! With a digital player added to your new piano, you'll be able to play your piano from your phone app. Plus use the player for midi features and plug into all of your digital devices for recording & learning with a huge variety of music apps & programs!


Once your family heirloom grand piano has been completely restored to like brand new condition... why not add a brand new digital piano player system with all of the latest and greatest midi compatibility? Yes, your piano will get played WAY MORE with the addition of a player!! AND you can also set it to be your alarm clock and rise to the sounds of grandma's piano playing Chopin from the living room! 


We can add a new digital player piano system to any piano! New, used, grand or upright! Everyone who can access wifi from your home will be able to play the piano from an easy to navigate app. Set up playlists, use it with or without additional instrumental and vocal soundtracks, background music for events, inspiration all day long and so much more! It will be your NEW FAVORITE TOY!


Pianos with a current legacy system (QRS, CD2000, Petine, Ancho) can be upgraded in your home to a NEW QRS PNOmation III system, by one of our expert QRS installers. 

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If you are looking to restore a traditional player piano with paper rolls... YES - we do that TOO!


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