Piano Restoration on an Everett Upright

We finished a complete Piano Restoration on an Everett Upright Piano!  We worked on this piano for over 8 months from start to finish and so pleased with how it turned out.

Watch the Before and After Video

This is the after video of an 1884 Everett.  It has a new strings, new pins, and a new upper bass bridge and lower bass bridge (the old one was cracked and falling apart).  There are new dampers, hammers, hammer butts, and bridle straps.  It has had a complete refinishing on it, with new decal and nickel hardware.  Ended with a complete regulation and piano tuning.

Here are some pictures of the work on this piano along the way.

Right when the piano came in:

Piano Restoration on an Everett

Piano Restoration on an Everett Upright built in 1884


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Piano restoration can add generations of memories to an already well-loved memory maker your family can keep cherishing for years to come!  

If you are considering upright or grand piano restoration because you have inherited a cherished (but perhaps rundown) heirloom piano or perhaps you’ve found a great deal on an antique you cannot pass up,  Brigham Larson Pianos in Orem, Utah is your expert partner in piano restoration.

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