Piano Marvel and the Hymns Boot Camp – A Great Success Story!

Check out this story that a fellow piano teacher shared with us about the Hymns Boot Camp in Piano Marvel! (For context, the Hymns Boot Camp is a part of Piano Marvel that has students sightread the hymns or hymns made easy. Their scores are usually very low to begin with, but the program has been effective in helping students improve their sightreading scores significantly. The student in this story, by focusing on the boot camp, has improved his playing exponentially in a short amount of time!)

This story is NOT made up. It is real and this student really has never studied piano before.

I have a young man in his twenties that came in last month and asked if I would teach him piano.

After an interview we decided to work in three areas.

  • Learn a few fun songs that are enjoyable and shows that he can play the piano
  • Method Book – Level 1 (he knows no piano at all so it is a good place to start)
  • Hymns Made Easy (Mini Boot Camps) – This proposal at first earned a scowl and a great deal of skepticism as he has not attended church in a long time.

After a week I found that he was not doing the Hymns Boot Camp so I told him I would sit down and do it with him. He started off getting 15% which was really good and went through several songs then he started it over. Yipes! I wanted him to see his growth, but he wanted to get high scores. He started over which skewed the research a little, but oh well….

Yesterday I asked him what he practiced on and his answer shocked me… “To be honest, I am only interested in the hymns boot camp now. I don’t want to do anything else”.

I told him that I wanted to see what was going on so he showed me his results. Here they are…

Just a note here that Stage 5 and 6 are putting hands together for the first time in preparation for stages 7-10.
boot camp 1

Stage 1 So far… (the first score is 81% because he practiced it and started over)

boot camp 2

Stage 2 So far…

boot camp 3


I told him those numbers were VERY impressive for 2 weeks of piano lessons. He said that it’s not just the numbers “I actually feel like I’m getting it”

I used to tell my students it takes years to learn to read the hymns. This is amazing to me!

We think it’s pretty amazing, too! We’re seeing awesome results with our students who are using this same approach.

For more information on how we are using Piano Marvel in our piano lessons or if you have questions about setting it up in your home, just give us a call at 801-701-0113!