Piano Marvel and a New Record Holder!

This week we’ve been SO grateful to have Aaron and Joel from Piano Marvel here with us to help us learn how to use Piano Marvel! Piano Marvel is an amazing technology that uses a laptop or tablet connected to a digital piano to give students instant feedback on their playing. We’ll be sharing lots more details about this week soon, but we just couldn’t wait to share this video!

Ryann started lessons at the UPC just one week ago after a few months of lessons with a different teacher and then several months without lessons. Yesterday, she learned “Peter, Peter” faster than anyone Aaron has ever seen – we timed her at just under 5 minutes! Ryann and Aaron played this duet after only those 5 minutes of practice, and then she went on to polish it up and pass it off in Piano Marvel on a digital piano.

Pretty awesome, right?? We think you’re amazing, Ryann!

Stay tuned for more about our week of Piano Marvel training and how excited we are to be using this fantastic tool at all of our Piano Academy lessons!