UPC Scholarship and Award Winners

Below is a list of UPC students who have won awards, scholarships, or other honors in various piano events! The most recent are listed at the top. If you’d like to learn more about any of the events or competitions listed, please let us know!

2017 Piano Marvel YouTube Competition Winner (Middle School Division)
Abby Larson

2017 Piano Marvel YouTube Competition Finalists

Early Elementary: Huck Wiley, Koa Heftel

Late Elementary: Arthur Cummins, Brigham Larson, Ephraim Esseltine

Middle School: Sarah Riboldi, Abby Larson

High School: Annemarie Hilton, Caleb Heuer

Composition: Zach Wright

Ensemble: Annemarie and Joseph Hilton

Students who received a Superior Rating in the 2017 NFMC Jr. Festival
Abby Larson
Brigham Larson, Jr.
Parker Woodward
Edward Kim
Reilly MacMichael
Daniel Squire

2016 AIM Honors Recital Participants
Mikayla Randall
Colin Watkins

2016 NFMC Jr. Festival Honors Recital Participants
Jessica Wood

Students who received a Superior Rating in the 2016 NFMC Jr. Festival
Benson Young
Mikayla Randall
Jessica Wood
Savannah Kesler
Brigham Larson, Jr.
Colin Watkins

Piano Academy students who have received college piano scholarships
Mary Witham (University of Utah)
Tiffany Winkel Delgado (Brigham Young University)

If your child is interested in participating in any or all of these piano events, give us a call!