Preschool Piano Academy Lessons (Ages 4-6)

Preschool Piano Lessons

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Experience the most comprehensive preschool piano lessons, the 90 minute Piano Academy lesson, including:

Solo Performance Room – Private Instruction

  • Focuses on the basics of rhythm, pitch, and musical notation
  • Uses the Piano Safari method to combine rote teaching and note-reading
  • Teaches music through movement, singing, and performance

Technique Room  – Private Instruction

  • Focuses on developing excellent technique from the very beginning of piano lessons
  • Includes Piano Safari animal technique pieces
  • Uses Primary Passages books to teach Primary songs by rote

Pass Off Room – Private Instruction

  • Focuses on the basics of musicianship and notation with the Music for Little Mozarts series (levels 1-4)
  • Keeps students excited with new songs and stories with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear

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Computer Lab –  Faculty Guided Music Activities

  • Students and caregivers rotate to a variety of musical learning stations and technology designed to create a fun and comprehensive music education experience for the preschool age musician.
  • Music theory with the Music for Little Mozarts Workbook
  • Technology Stations including iPads, digital keyboard stations, and computer games
  • Discovery desk stations for creative exploration of musical concepts, composition and the Composer’s Corner
  • Flashcards, card games, and group games to reinforce musical concepts
  • Singing station for developing a musical ear
  • Full access to Piano Marvel

music bucks collageMusic Rewards & Incentives Programs

“Mom… please don’t let me be late to lessons…. I want to get all of my music bucks for perfect practice!!”

“Please may I practice more…. It’s double bucks week!”

The more you practice…

the more you WIN!!


  • Music Bucks – Earn money from each lesson room, participation & practicing.
  • Music Store – Monthly shopping in our fully stocked store of fun treats and prizes.
  • Golden Bench – Choose a prize after completing each level of pass off books.
  • Grab Bag – Choose a treat after completing a full round of rotations in computer lab.

Performance Opportunities

  • Community Outreach – informal, quarterly service performances
  • Academy Recitals – Formal recitals with memorized, polished repertoire
  • Summer programs and special events
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Parent Support

  • Piano Tutor Training
  • Lesson Books Provided
  • Auto Pay – Easy!
  • Monthly featured composer and theme
  • Yearly Orientation & Training


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“Tuning hearts through music”

We look forward to sharing these preschool piano lessons with you and your child.  Please call 801-701-0113 ext. 3 or email [email protected] to schedule a free “readiness evaluation” to see if your 4-6 year old is ready for Utah County’s premiere, 90 minute preschool piano lesson.

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