Piano Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to start learning to play the piano! While learning as a child or teenager might be more traditional, our adult students LOVE that they can learn to play the music they like. Our piano lessons for adults follow the same basic structure as our 90-minute Piano Academy lessons. They’re just a little more personalized based on what the student wants to learn!


Here are the different stations each student goes to:

Solo Room

  • Focuses on harder pieces chosen by the student
  • Can include classical, pop, jazz, or other styles
  • Adults can choose to memorize and perform pieces in recitals, but aren’t required to

Pass-off Room

  • Uses methods specific to piano lessons for adults to teach the basics of reading music
  • Teaches musicianship and sight-reading
  • Helps students move through music quickly to get experience with lots of styles and pieces

Technique and Hymn Room

  • Helps adult students learn and refine physical skills needed to play the piano
  • Adult students can learn LDS Primary songs and hymns or choose to focus on a different topic
  • Teachers guide students toward tension-free playing

Theory Lab

  • Written theory books provide a strong understanding of concepts
  • 20+ other programs are available to reinforce what is learned in theory books
  • Technology in the lab includes iPads, digital pianos, and computers to support learning

Piano Marvel

  • Cutting-edge music education technology used in every room
  • Students can learn up to 4x faster when using Piano Marvel at lessons AND at home
  • Gives instant feedback on accuracy of notes and rhythm

Adult students can also customize any part of their lesson – they choose what they want to learn! Whether you’re returning to piano after years of not playing or just starting your musical journey, we’re sure you’ll love learning at the Piano Academy. Call us to schedule a free tour and find out more about our piano lessons for adults!