Honors Division Piano Academy – Piano Competitions and More!

The Honors Division of the Piano Academy is ideal for students of all ages who are ready to learn at lightning speed! In addition to their regular 90-minute Piano Academy lessons, Honors Division students receive an additional 30 minutes of repertoire and other specialized training. The Honors division is perfect for students who:

  • Want to participate in piano competitions and/or standardized evaluations
  • Want to learn more repertoire
  • Learn quickly and can commit to a rigorous practicing schedule
  • Enjoy performing in recitals or other settings
  • Are considering pursuing music in college or professionally

Honors Division Piano Academy students may choose, with their teacher, to participate in the following events (click here for more details and next year’s dates of each event):

The Piano Academy directors choose and nominate students to participate in the Honors Division every August. These nominations are based on the progress, dedication, and hard work of individual students; therefore, students generally must attend the Conservatory for 6 months (beginners) or play in one recital (transfer students) to be nominated. If you are the parent of a Piano Academy student and feel that your child would benefit from the Honors Division, you may also contact your child’s solo teacher to request that your child be nominated.

Honors Division lessons (the extra repertoire training in addition to normal Piano Academy lessons) take place outside of normal Piano Academy hours and are scheduled with the student’s solo teacher. Students can choose to have their Honors lesson before or after their normal Piano Academy lesson or to have it on a different day of the week. This extra lesson time allows students to learn more repertoire, prepare for competitions, and work on other skills such as ear training, jazz piano, or composition.

Click here to check out some of what our amazing Honors students have accomplished in the last couple of years!

For more information about this or other Honors Division opportunities, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 801-701-0113 ext. 3.