Piano Lessons Facilitate Family Musical Experiences

If you are familiar with the story of how Utah Piano Conservatory came to be, you will know that one motivating factor behind the conservatory is “Facilitating Positive Musical Experiences for Families”.piano lesson, piano lessons,  Our director and her family have chosen music lessons as the tool to help their family develop talents and important qualities. Piano families at Utah Piano Conservatory are encouraged to do the same. We have seen, especially recently, that our conservatory families are creating positive musical experiences by performing together!

At our most recent recitals, both last Saturday, and the Saturday before, we had several family duos and trios. Brigham and Thayne; Isaac and Rachel; and Savannah, Jack and Ryan are some examples. You can read about Savannah, Jack and Ryan’s trio in one of our previous blog posts, The Talented Trio at Piano Lessons. Brigham and Thayne are preparing for their family ensemble concert for friends and family at the end of the month. During this concert, eight of the ten members of their family will perform together a variety show of music and recitations. One of the performances will include all eight members of the family on pianos at once playing an arrangement of Amazing Grace! Check out the Larson Family Ensemble Concert even page for more information.

One of our favorite opportunpiano lessons, piano lesson, musical family, Larson Familyities for families is our Duet Summer Program! Each summer, Utah Piano Conservatory hosts the Delgado/Mauler Duo. During the program, students find duet partners (mostly from their family) to prepare and perform a duet in a concert at the end of the summer. They learn how to be a good duet partner, and some of the tips and tricks specific to duet playing. We always look forward to this event, and we hope many of our families join in next summer!

We have over 70 families in our conservatory community, which means there are plenty of opportunities for positive musical experiences! These are just a few that we have observed recently. Share your positive family musical experiences with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram!