Color Fest at Today’s Piano Lesson

Michelle, with the help of piano teacher Mr. Evans, completed Music Workbook 2 of Music for Little Mozarts yesterday! At Piano Academy, students spend a half-hour in the theory lab. They begin by completing a page in their theory book. Many of the younger students use Music for Little Mozarts, an interactive theory book that features musical friends Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse. Young children have fun as they use crayons to color in quarter notes, circle half notes, fill in keys with colors, and trace important musical concepts! Who said theory isn’t fun?

Piano - Quarter Notes

Now that Michele is done with both of the Music for Little Mozarts workbooks, she is ready to move on to the Preparatory Level theory workbook from J. Johnson publishing. These theory books are wonderful as well! They consist of 10 Levels, and a Preparatory Level, which allows for a VERY thorough theory education. We are excited to help Michelle and other Piano Academy students as they have fun learning theory!

Piano Workbook

If you are interested in a well-rounded music education for your children, check out Piano Academy at the Utah Piano Conservatory: