Summer Piano Lessons: Camp Blogs, Part 1

matching larsonsWe are so excited to begin our summer camp programs this month! So excited, in fact, that we have dedicated some blog posts to sharing how awesome they’re going to be. In this first post, we’ll explain a little bit about both of our camps, and for following posts, we’ll highlight details of what the camp will entail and the benefits of playing the piano all summer!

The first camp we’re doing is focused on ensembles and duets! It has already officially begun, but it is definitely not too late to get started. The students will be paired up and given a duo (one piano, four hands) piece and a duet (two pianos, four hands) piece to learn over the summer. They will have the chance to come to masterclasses, and will also have 2 team lessons with one of our faculty. At the end of the summer, we will host a recital where the students can show off what they’ve learned! Here are some videos from our recital last year—it was a great concert.

Our other camp is our Jumpstart Summer Camp, happening the week of June 18th-25th! This program is for kids who are just starting to study the piano and who want an extra edge on their learning. For one week, the students will come every morning and participate in both private and group lessons, games, and other activities to help them build a solid foundation. They will get to try Piano Marvel technology (click the link for a video to learn more about Piano Marvel), and we will have a concert at the end of the week. All of these activities will give them a very complete introduction to music and playing the piano.

There is no better way to keep your kids busy this summer than giving them the gift of music! We are still accepting participants, so call 385-219-0774 or email [email protected] to sign up!