Piano Academy Student of the Month: Arthur Cummins!




Congratulations to Arthur Cummins, our student of the month! Here he is playing his solo performance piece, “Out on a Limbo” by Eric Baumgartner… but with a little twist!

While most students (myself included, as a kid!) prefer to play their pieces only in the original key, Arthur came to his lesson about a month after starting this piece and excitedly showed me how he could play the opening section in not just the original key but in two others. (Not only was this a challenging piece for him, but I hadn’t even asked him to transpose – he just figured it out!) Several times after that lesson he tried to trick me by starting his piece in the wrong key to see how long it took me to figure it out… so probably I shouldn’t have even been surprised that he learned how to play it in two different keys, at the same time. Watch the video and see for yourself!

In addition to his amazing transposition skills and his eagerness to try new things, we love that Arthur comes to lessons prepared each week and with a HUGE smile on his face every time he comes. We LOVE having such happy, hard-working students at the Piano Academy – you rock, Arthur!